We’re Back!

Wow, we’re back. It’s Monday morning and we hit the ground running. What was supposed to be an easy week is panning out to be more insanity for the day job. This past week was a blast and more so than ever we need a vacation from our vacation. We’re wasted and back in the grind. Here’s where my life philosophy gets tested…during the monotony and drudgery of daily life. Can I live truly alive in the midst of this? God willing.

While we were in Blue Ridge I kept a journal which, of course, could be aptly described as the ramblings of a madman. I think it’ll be interesting reading for those of you who are curious. I’ll begin posting the entries from that journal daily (10 days late) starting tomorrow along with some killer pics from the week.

Last night I got a phone call from my dad who told me that Mark McD, a friend of the family, had called. He had visited the site and said we need some pics of the product up with pricing. I agree. I so agree. Problem is, right now, the budget only allows for that crappy homemade page that’s up there right now. Takes money to make money goes the old adage. Anyhow, I still appreciate the input and all the encouragement. We’ll continue to pursue getting that dream site done but in the meantime, be patient and join the journey as we keep you updated on our myspace and virb accounts.

thanks again!

david l.

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