The Mayans Got It Wrong! 2012 Reasons the World Can’t End in 2012.

The Mayans Got It Wrong! 2012 Reasons the World Can’t End in 2012.


Pardon me if wax eschatological but whatever your Long-count Calendar may say, the world cannot end in 2012. I enter into evidence a list of items in no particular order.
The world can’t end because I have yet to do the following:


1. North-bound thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail,

2. Create a series of podcasts from the Trail on said thru-hike and see All Who Wander reach a million subscribers.  (Hey…it could happen!)

3. Write a book inspired by said thru-hike.

4. Record a full-length album…well, you get the picture.

5. Thru-hike the John Muir trail and spend some quality time (say a year or two) wandering around Yosemite.

6. Thru-hike the Continental Divide Trail

7. Thru-hike the Pacific Crest Trail,

8. Thru-hike the Camino de Santiago,

9. Watch the sunrise from my hammock on Macchu Picchu

10. Spend some quality time wandering around Yellowstone, maybe do a little fly-fishing.

11. Spend a month deep in the wilderness of Newfound Gap doing nothing but
 watch the slow approach of autumn set the mountains aflame.

12. Trans-American bike ride

13. Bike the Blue Ridge Parkway end to end

14. Thru-hike the Mountains to Sea Trail

15. Canoe the Suwannee River from Fargo, Georgia to the Gulf of Mexico

16. See the Northern Lights from somewhere deep in the Boundary Waters Wilderness

17. Take Dana to an all-inclusive resort…finally.

18. Break Jen Davis’ AT speed record…Oh come on!  That was just hilarious!

19. See Josiah’s dreams come true

20. Southbound Thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail

I really could come up with 2,012 reasons.  What about you?  What would you add to the list? I can’t wait to read your comments!


Photo gratefully used with the kind permission of Paulino Romero at
Thanks, Paulino!

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5 Responses to “The Mayans Got It Wrong! 2012 Reasons the World Can’t End in 2012.”

  • I think the Maya meant that 2012 is the time to start a new life.

    My list:
    hike LeConte with Wayseeker.
    get my first novel published.
    get my second novel written.
    build my writer’s hut in a wilderness.
    spend a cycle of seasons in my writer’s hut.
    Draw portraits of all my friends.
    Make frames for all the portraits.
    Carve haiku on all the frames.
    Cook a dinner for all my editorial readers.
    Spend a summer walking through the Laurel.

  • you gave 20 reasons for more years yet. After some thought, here’s the rest of my list.
    11. Spend a winter in high desert.
    12. Spend a summer in high desert.
    13. Walk across Ireland from south to north.
    14. Walk across Scotland from east to west.
    15. Live in Nova Scotia for a year.
    16. Learn to speak and write Gaelic.
    17. Learn to speak and write Cherokee.
    18. Go a week without speaking or writing anything.
    19. Build a coracle.
    20. Take it down a river to the ocean.

  • Sundancer:

    David & Hiking Friends…

    LOOOOOVe the Podcast, “All Who Wander,” which I only discovered in late January 2012, as I FINALLY opened up my world when through a late Christmas gift from my girlfriend, I entered the New Year by stepping into the age of the Ipod.

    After joining I-Tunes and while simultaneously reading Jenn Pharr-Davis’ book, “Becoming Odyssa,” I stumbled upon your great pod-cast.

    Thank You, David!!

    Looking forward to doing more hiking thanks to you and yours!!



    • Wow! Thanks, Sundancer. What an encouragement! Love that you took the time to comment here. I look forward to keeping in touch. Have you found our facebook fanpage? It’s a great way to join the conversation as well. Thanks again!

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