Pompous Pig

In the Chinese culture each year is given an animal affilliation. I decree this year to be the Year of the Pig. I love, looooove, good barbecue. In fact, as I’ve stated and overstated I am a barbecue snob. I’m on a never-ending quest for good smoked meat. I am usually disappointed. End of disclaimer. This year, I’ve discovered several very good barbecue joints in our area. Two days ago an old friend ,David Cox (who has drastically different standards for barbecue) called me and told me he had just eaten at a restaurant that has “your kind of barbecue” (meaning MY kind of barbecue). His words. Last night Josiah and I visited the Pompous Pig on Clemson Blvd in Anderson. I ordered a chopped pork (I prefer pulled)/ smoked chicken combo. Jo had a sandwich. Jo enjoyed his sandwich. I moaned in what could almost be referred to as ecstasy…but I digress. We were met, upon entering, by an extemely friendly teenage girl who welcomed us enthusiastically and informed us in a perfect southern drawl that we were “Gonna have a real good time.” Once we decided to order we approached the register where we were greeted by yet another teenage girl who was intelligent, lucid and friendly. Upon being seated at our table we were approached and checked on faithfully and attentively by no less than two servers. My pork was graciously prepared per my request with “outer meat.” (This ups the smoke taste exponentially and makes me happy.) Not only was it smoky, but moist and delicious. The smoked chicken breast was the best I’ve ever had. They had somehow managed to achieve a strong smoke, a delicate seasoning and a moist tenderness that rivaled crabmeat. Most people I know in this area won’t appreciate the quality of this barbecue. It’s kind of sad, actually. Nonetheless, I am impressed and enamored. Now, I normally wouldn’t waste anyone’s time on side-dishes. They’re such a non-issue to me they’re not usually worth mentioning. I make an exception here. Jo’s fries were less than spectacular. (The Pompous Pig could take a lesson from Henry’s on Wade Hampton.) My side was fantastic. I had the “mashed potato bake” (think Cracker Barrel’s hashbrown casserole in mash potato form…layered with crispy-chewy cheese skank) and cornbread which was moist like pudding and was made with what tasted like fresh corn…oh yeah, and it came with home-made honey butter. Dang. As if this wasn’t enough the owner brought us a complimentary sample plate which was made up of mexican-restaurant-style tortilla chips, “Texas Caviar” (think salsa made from black-eyed peas, corn, onions, peppers and tomatoes) which was really good, smoked chicken salad and broccoli salad with almond slivers. To sum it up, I’ve a new favorite restaurant and the Pig has plenty reason to be pompous. Check it out…unless of course, you think 3 Little Pigs has good barbecue. Something about casting pearls before swine comes to mind.
Just in case you’re reading this Dave…thanks for the recommendation. You’ve redeemed yourself for the harsh words you had for Henry’s.

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