Blue Ridge Journal Day 8

Sorry, I’m late with this post.

Day 8 Saturday

Trying desperately to stay positive but seeing the week come to a close, with the added chore of packing up and cleaning up while still living under the pink fog…not my best moment. I feel particularly unpleasant and angry with Scoob. By no real fault of his own, he’s been a pain in the butt at times. I just wanted to be done, on our way and shoveling some grub in my pie-hole. When everything was finally complete we ended up having to wait on the dishwasher so we could re-stock all of the plates, bowls and silverware. We bided our time by watching a slide show of the pics from the week. Cool stuff..but we weren’t leaving yet. Finally, we head down the dusty gravel road for the last time and stop at a restaurant in Blue Ridge recommended by many of those who signed the guest book at the cabin. It’s called the Iron Skillet and to be honest I never had any inclination to eat there before. (Check out the sign and you’ll see what I mean; see pic.) At the risk of going all “nutty buddy” (story for another time) on you I cannot tell you what a surprise the Iron Skillet was. Absolutely the best breakfast I’ve ever had, the best service I’ve ever experienced and, hands-down, the best restaurant in the Blue Ridge area. Dana, Michelle and myself all ordered the Cajun skillet which was potatoes, fluffy, delicious scrambled eggs, green onions, myriad crawfish tails, andouille sausage, a rich hollandaise sauce, all topped with cheddar cheese and served up steaming in a little cast iron skillet. As if that wasn’t enough it came with a side of grits and a pancake of your choice. Michelle had the banana nut which was loaded with seared banana slices and walnuts. Dana had the peanut butter chip and I…well, I had the bacon pancake. Yes, that’s right my friends crispy bacon cooked right into a fluffy pancake. It’s not just a fantasy. Of course I was so hungry that I added a side of the skankiest most delicious corned beef hash ever served up ala carte in a greasy spoon. Keith raved about his omelet, Josiah seemed pleased with his decision and Luke, ever the oddball, ordered a turkey sub…which he claimed was wonderful. Right. Just another word about the Iron Skillet: The server was of such a caliber you would’ve thought him a maitre’ d in an upscale 5 star restaurant. His charm and expansive knowledge of the menu gave me the distinct impression that he must be the owner. He wasn’t. But he and his wife (the cook…nay, the chef) took such ownership in the place that without them I’m sure it would be devoid of the very qualities that make it such a great restaurant. Thank you Iron Skillet. You tamed the savage, angry, hungry beast and ended our amazing week on a substantial high. Can’t wait for our next trip to Blue Ridge.

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