Alive Update

Here’s the latest: Mike is working feverishly on the new temporary website in his spare time which is truly spare. (He works 7 days a week at his day job.)
Here’s what he says:
Layout complete with table,Logo at top with pic,I’m about 45% done with the navigation,and no content on it as of yet… as in words and pics of products.

Yeah, I understood about half of that…anyhow, thanks Mike!
Rejected by another outdoor gear wholesale house. Yep, you guessed it…no brick and mortar. Our requests for dealerships are always met with, “We’d love to help you out. Call us when you have a building.” Instead of getting frustrated, we’re trying to look at this as a course re-direction. With our primary emphasis being our custom shirts, maybe our secondary should be used gear. This appeals to me for several reasons: One, it’s our only available option at this point. Two there don’t seem to be an awful lot of people that deal in used gear especially in our area, and three, we’re always personally looking for used gear. We’re trying to get equipped for back-packing and man is new gear expensive! So, week after next we plan to hit the NOC in Bryson City which is hosting one of the biggest gear swaps in the southeast called NantyFest. (Yeah, hold your comments on the name, huh?) Anyhow, we’ll be scoping out gear for ourself as well as potential inventory for ALIVE.
On a personal level…I’m going flippin’ nuts. Fall is almost upon us. The trails and rivers beckon and I’ve got an annoying back injury that’s just taking the fun out of life. Dana bought me a Mountain Bridge Trail Guide and it’s like backpacker’s porn. I gotta get over this and get out there!

Hope you’re all doing great. Join us on the journey!


david l.

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