What an unbelievably beautiful fall-like morning. As I was sitting in my truck this morning, sipping a mug of Cerrado Gold, enjoying my morning selah with Jesu, the Lover of my Soul…I was overwhelmed with such a feeling of contentment, well being, blessedness…shalom as the hebrews say. If only for the moment, fall is upon us. Before me is a copy of Blue Ridge Outdoors which has gracing its cover a beautiful photo of a hiker on a summit overlooking a valley of foliage aflame with autumn colors. A longing grips my soul. A longing to hike, to get on a river, to be outside somewhere drinking in the breathtaking beauty of God’s creation, which even in its fallen state causes mortal man’s knees to go weak and heart to soar. (I’m blessed to work for a company that understands this and gives me freedom to sneak away occasionally but alas my back pain tells me today is not the day…but I digress…) What about this longing, for beauty, for adventure? Is it only about temporal things? Ted Dekker, for one, believes that it is evidence of a deeper longing, a foretaste of heaven. John Eldredge would concur. We were created for Eden and every so often we are afforded a glimpse…and God, how it moves me. I want to be baptized in it. I don’t want a glimpse, I don’t want a sprinkling. I want full-immersion in the beauty and adventure that is God. For now, I settle for the foretaste…which, if you ask me, is not too bad.What about us? Are we also “more than we have become” as Mufasa so succinctly stated? That ancient living book that reveals God to us says that “All creation groans in eager expectation for the sons of God to be revealed.” Sounds like maybe there’s something to that. What is it that holds you back from becoming who God intended you to become? St. Irenaeus said,”The glory of God is man fully alive.” What makes you come alive? Why don’t you ask Him? Get outside, in His creation, alone, maybe on a trail, where the noise of life falls away and ask Him. While you’re at it ask Him for the courage to pursue His dream for you…then hold on for the journey of your life.

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