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009 All Who Wander – Trailfest Series: April Fools Trail Days Franklin, NC – Part1


The first in a new series of shows in which Dana and I follow the migratory herd of 2011 Northbound AT thru-hikers from trail to trail town stopping off at the hiker festivals along the way. In this episode (AWW 009) and the next we visit historic Franklin, NC for “April Fools Trail Days” and Ron Haven’s Hiker Fools Bash. We meet old friends, make new ones and introduce you to some of the characters and legends of the Trail. If you’re anything like me, be prepared to see your wintertime blahs dissipate and Springer Fever awakened just a little early this year.

2012 April Fool’s Trail Days
 March 30th and 31st. and


Undulations by Karen Thompson


Tents made by Judy “Heartfire” Gross


“The Packa” by Cedar Tree Industry
The Worlds ONLY Full Coverage Backpacking Rain Parka

Edward Hinnant
436 Cabin Fever Dr.
Marion, VA 24354


Greenleaf Canoe Company
Harold “Harley” Mo

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Jenna Lindbo
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