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Alive Update…can you help?

Last night, a friend inquired as to the progress being made on the website. Here’s the answer. We’re looking for a photo that will provide the background for the homepage. Maybe you can help. What I’m looking for is a high res photo from the inside of a wooden barn. The view would include the double doors open wide in the center of the photo with a window to the right. The walls on either side will be in view as well as a few of the rafters above the door. I’ve even looked for an old barn I could photograph myself and have yet to find one appropriate. I’ve scoured the web for hours on end and found stuff close but not really what I’m looking for. I’d appreciate any help.

Alive Update

I left a house full of sleeping teenage boys and one sleeping beauty to go to the day job. They’re all heading to the Chatooga this morning for a day of trout-fishing, hiking and mountain boarding. They’re bringing along some of our friends from homegroup, Deneen, Kirstie and Lydia. (That’s gonna be one packed out Sport’s Utility Van!) I’ve got a deadline hanging over my head so I’ll have to try to find some adventure in the midst of this chaos. Usually it finds me.
With the little time I’ve had to spare, at breaks and lunch, I’ve been having some conversations with a couple of guys interested in helping us out with the website. I’ve discovered that my level of creativity may just be beyond practicality. I’m learning to accept that little word, “compromise.”
We got rejected by another company for dealership, again due to the fact that as of yet we have no brick and mortar. This policy which seems common to almost all is designed to protect the Mom and Pop shops. I’m a big fan of the non-conglomerate, non-corporate, little guys. (For Pete’s sake, we are one!) I appreciate their efforts to take care of these guys but we need a break, here. We’re so grateful for the Ground guys who’re willing to grant us a dealership and put up with our junk. (Thanks Matt and Matt! You guys ROCK!) So now I’m obsessed with finding a loop-hole…maybe an existing business in our area that could rent us a back room or a broom closet or something really cheap. I’m also wondering if instead of pursuing these dealerships we should be investing out time and resources into our t’s which was kind of the point to begin with. Hmmmmmmmm. A man makes his plans……
Anyhow, this project won’t complete itself. Hope you guys have an amazing Fourth. It was for freedom He set us free!