012 All Who Wander-Trailfest Series: Trail Days Damascus, VA – Part 2 Windtalker Concert

This is the 4th in a new series of shows in which Dana and I follow the migratory herd of 2011 Northbound AT thru-hikers from trail to trail town stopping off at hiker celebrations along the way. This time we find ourselves, once again, in Damascus, Virginia for the 2011 Trail Days Festival. This episode of All Who Wander features an outdoor, street-side native american flute concert by thru-hiker, musician and author Windtalker (aka Randy Motz) There’s a lot of street noise but I think it just serves to give you a better feel for what a chaotic, beautiful mess Trail Days is.

This years 2012 Trail Days will be May 18 – 20. 

For more info, visit: www.traildays.us

If you’d like to contact Randy and his wife Georgia, visit their website where you can find booking information, pick up a CD or purchase one of the many books they’ve co-authored…including The Walk, Reflections on Life and Faith from the Appalachian Trail…which I reviewed last year at www.allwhowander.us

Their website is:   www.rmghadventures.com

Me :    david@allwhowander.us. or look for me (as well as the All Who Wander fan page) on facebook

Wanna see some pics from the 2011 Trail Days?  Here’s a link to my personal facebook page with a whole bunch of pics including one or two of Windtalkers concert:



Happy Trails and Donadaghovi, until we meet again…


“The danger is that you will not listen to the voice that speaks to you through the seagull mounting the gray wind, say, or the vision in the temple, that you do not listen to the voice inside you or to the voice that speaks from outside but specifically to you out of the specific events of your life, but that instead you listen to the great blaring voice of our mass culture, which threatens to deafen us all by blasting forth that the only thing that really matters about your work is how much it will get you in the way of salary and status, and that if it is gladness you are after, you can save that for weekends.”

-Frederick Buechner










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